I first started writing songs and wanting to produce music in 2011 at the age of 8. I started off by taking lessons for deejaying where I learned mixing and scratching. I took lessons for 3 years and would perform at a monthly gigs and bi-annual productions.

After 3 years, I decided to come away from lessons and start playing at gigs and would play weekly at a local pub, where I played up until 2018. During this time, I learned about setting up speakers and as I was getting more requests to do gigs, I decided to buy two big speakers and equipment in cases where the venue did not have them.


In 2013, I started creating mash-up / remix videos and uploading them to Facebook and YouTube. I would create them all on VirtualDJ and eventually decided to work on a DAW. I started using FL Studio in 2016 and using it to create artist mega mixes, which I released monthly in 2017. I also started Wondershare Filmora to edit my videos.

After an extended break, I decided to come back to YouTube at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I posted 5 videos and decided to put more focus on the video editing by including more inserts from live performances and making videos with artists with larger and complex discographies. Due to the pandemic, my YouTube channel also saw an increase in popularity. In 2020, the channel got 2.7 million views and eventually passed ten thousand subscribers. In 2021, the channel got 800,000 views and gained another two thousand subscribers. In 2022, the channel received over 900,000 views and gained nearly three thousand subscribers.


In 2016, I started learning how to play drums as part of ensemble in high school. I took lessons for several years and learned a range of songs, including Rehab by Amy Winehouse and Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. 

In late 2019, I briefly joined a band called Orphic with 4 of my classmates. As part of our final unit in Sixth Form, we had to organise and perform a performance based around a specific theme. Orphic performed a set called Soundtrack, which included songs from the likes of Billie Eilish and Roxette. After our course was interrupted by the pandemic, we decide to start on some ideas for original music. We were able to managed to create this instrumental snippet, produced by me.


In sixth form, I composed a short score for a trailer as part of a media assignment. This sparked my interest in score composing, which I had the ability to develop throughout university. Since the beginning of my studies, I have scored two short films; “Cancelled” and “Expiration Date”, and am in the early stages of scoring a further three short films.

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